Music has been an important part of religious life in The Salvation Army. Throughout its history, music has symbolized the cheerful religion of Salvationists, providing both the expression of a joyous faith and a form of recreation. Music in The Salvation Army is multi-generational and transcends international boundaries, cultures, and languages.

Many officers and soldiers play musical instruments and participate as volunteers in Salvation Army music groups. Bands and songster brigades (choirs) are recognized for their achievements and often are called upon to participate in community activities. Famous conductors have commended Salvation Army bands for their musical excellence. The list includes John Philip Sousa, Ralph Vaughn Williams, Erik Leidzen, Meredith Wilson, and others. Many prominent musicians throughout the world have received their music training in The Salvation Army.

Music continues, in many forms, to play an important role in our worship today. The local corps has various worship arts opportunities for children and adults. These include performance groups and instructional programs in voice, brass banding, praise music, and sacred dance, to name a few.